jackknife dive

/ˈdʒæknaɪf daɪv/ (say 'jaknuyf duyv)

a dive in the process of which the body bends so that the hands briefly touch or nearly touch the toes; pike dive.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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  • jackknife — ☆ jackknife [jak′nīf΄ ] n. pl. jackknives [jak′nīvz΄] [ JACK + KNIFE] 1. a large pocketknife 2. a dive in which the diver keeps his knees unbent, touches his feet with his hands, and then straightens out just before plunging into the water vt.… …   English World dictionary

  • jackknife — jack·knife || dʒæknaɪf n. large pocketknife whose blade folds into the handle; dive in which the diver doubles up in mid air and then straightens out before entering the water v. bend like a pocketknife, double up, bend sharply in half; do a… …   English contemporary dictionary

  • jackknife — /ˈdʒæknaɪf / (say jaknuyf) noun (plural jackknives) 1. a large knife with a blade that folds into the handle. 2. → jackknife dive. –verb (i) (jackknifed, jackknifing) 3. to bend or fold up, like a jackknife. 4. (of a horse) to buck bringing all… …   Australian English dictionary

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